Giddeon of the Blade

A powerful samurai warrior


Name: Giddeon of the Blade
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6’
Weight: 215 lb.
Race: Human
Class: Samurai LVL 5
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish
Alignment: Lawful-Good

16 Charisma +3
16 Dexterity +3
12 Intelligence +1
14 Wisdom +2
18 Strength +4
17 Constitution +3

HD: 61
AC: +9
Initiative: +3

BAB: +5
MAB: +9
RAB: +8

FORT: +7
REF: +4
WILL: +3

Craft (Blacksmithing): 7
Diplomacy: 8
Intimidate: 8
Knowledge (history): 1
Knowledge (nobility and royalty): 1
Perform (Weapon Drills): 7
Sense Motive:

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Two Weapon Fighting
Two Weapon Defense
Quick Draw
Deflect Arrows

Winter Blanket
Torch x3
5 trail rations
3 belt pouches
50ft hempen rope
flint and steel
Masterwork Arrow, Longbow (60)
Masterwork Arrow, Shortbow (60)

On Person:
Copper: 25
Silver: 25
Gold: 25

In Bank:
Copper: 10000
Silver: 10000
Gold: 66905
Platinum: 1000

Whispering Death Comes on the Wind (Masterwork Legacy Daisho)
Masterwork Mighty Composite Shortbow (2) – 1d6 – x3 – 70ft.
Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow (
4) – 1d8 – x3 – 110ft.
Sword of Duruum (Longsword)

Kiai Smite – Bonus of attack and damage equal to CHA bonus


Wearing metal armor, Giddeon cuts an imposing figure. The sheaths at his waist hold his legendary Daisho weaponry, and anyone who knows of him know their deadly power. People often wish to look at the face of he who will kill them, but when one’s eyes track to Giddeon’s face, one would only see the iron face of a demon. The iron mask of Giddeon watches emotionless as evil men die.

Hailing from the Western Province from a fairly well-to-do noble family, Giddeon has no lack of funding. He however hesitates to spend any of it in a desire to avoid the fate of his grandfather who nearly ruined the family with reckless spending. His father worked his whole life to reestablish the family as a prominent and respected group and Giddeon only desires to win ever more respect for himself, and his lineage. He developed a link with his great-grandfather’s swords when he first was allowed to touch them, as part of a ceremony, at the age of seven. He has since been training with the Daisho. His ultimate goal is to be completely unequaled with a blade, and he is well on his way to meeting that goal. Adventuring for him has three-fold benefits: First, it allows him to fund his family. Second, it gives him the chance to better himself in ways simple training never could. Finally, it allows him to hunt down and destroy the unworthy, corrupt creatures that work to bring chaos are his hated foes, and they shall all fall.

Giddeon of the Blade

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